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Who is Zafar Khan, and why is he important?

The Governance > Who is Zafar Khan, and why is he important?

Who is Zafar Khan, and why is he important?

Who is Zafar Khan? He’s an example of what can happen to board members when they get on regulators’ bad side.
In the past, the level of scrutiny on directors may have been low enough that most wouldn’t need to worry. Now, it’s a different story. If companies run into trouble – especially big companies – and regulators find one or more board members share some responsibility, they will act.

Here are the details of Khan’s example:

The latest news
In July 2023, it emerged that the British accountant and businessman Zafar Khan had been barred from holding UK directorships.

Announced by the country’s Insolvency Service, the decision ended a long-running probe into the collapse of construction giant Carillion in 2018.

Khan will now be ineligible to serve on the board of any British company until the year 2034.

Who is Zafar Khan?
He’s a British businessman, a graduate of the University of Warwick and a qualified chartered accountant.

His career has centred on providers of infrastructural services. Before joining Carillion in 2011, he served nearly ten years at Associated British Ports. His forte has been in financial controller/director roles.

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November 11, 2015



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