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Best Practice in ESG Reporting

Become a smarter and more effective leader. Rapidly acquire the insights and skills to lead and strengthen your organisation’s ESG reporting.
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Why is ESG reporting important?
An understanding of the opportunities that ESG presents is accelerating. With it comes the demand for clear and reliable ESG disclosures of data. Boards are starting to be scrutinised for the accuracy of the ESG story they’re telling and investors like feeling confident.


The ESG report is now a key tool to convince stakeholders that your organisation’s actions are sincere.


Boards that are familiar with synchronising traditional financial reports to ESG reporting have a competitive ESG advantage.


Investors are drawn to purpose-driven organisations that clearly demonstrate how returns outweigh any risks.

Become a smarter and more effective ESG leader. Fully understand ESG reporting and how to implement it effectively in your organisation. 

What you will learn

Gain a solid understanding of who is reading your annual report and how expectations have changed. Closely examine the key ESG reporting frameworks and the mandatory reporting disclosures in place, along with future proposals. 

1- ESG reporting in context

Learn how to navigate the changing and uncertain business landscape using collaborative and practical frameworks and standards. 

2- Audiences of an ESG report

Explore the main audiences of an ESG report, best practices for reporting and learn what good ESG reporting looks like.

3-  ESG reporting frameworks

Take an in depth look at some of the most widely used global frameworks that help organisation structure and report on ESG.

4- Mandatory reporting

Be clear about the mandatory disclosures in place and discover three key proposals for the uncertain future surrounding ESG legislation.

How you will apply your learning

Standout as an informed leader who knows how to navigate the changing ESG landscape. 

Use your in-depth knowledge to ensure your strategy and actions consistently feature throughout your ESG reporting. 

Identify ways to keep up to date and stay compliant with mandatory reporting requirements evolving internationally. 

Identify and use key frameworks to disclose metrics and targets in a clear and reliable format. 

Recognise and respond to what is mandatory legislation now, yet be able to consider what may be required at a future date. 

Speak confidently about best practices in ESG reporting and know what to include to meet expectations. 

Understand how to research mandatory legislation relevant to your geography and jurisdiction. 

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