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The Corporate Governance Institute offers education and certification in corporate governance to aspiring and existing directors around the world.

The global voice of good corporate governance


About Us

Founded by seasoned leaders in corporate governance and education,

the Corporate Governance Institute is a global educational technology company

specialising in training and certifying the next generation of company

directors and board members.


The Diploma in Corporate Governance is designed and delivered by directors for directors, it is globally recognised and democratises access to governance training.

The Corporate Governance Institute strives to ensure aspiring and existing directors possess world-class governance skills.

Today, boards, and their directors, are under increased scrutiny. Incompetent boards and directors enjoy less public sympathy, and corporate governance qualifications are increasingly required of directors.

Good governance has a positive impact on society and the planet. Poor governance can lead to negative outcomes for organisations and the communities they operate in.

We provide advanced governance training and certification at the highest level for board directors and aspiring directors.

We are the independent voice of governance, developing the mindset of a new generation of global leaders.